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Goddess Clothing by Devi

We love to be creative and are deeply inspired by the flowing forms of Nature, especially the shapes and patterns of the veins in leaves and butterfly wings.  Our clothing finds kindred spirits of all ages and styles looking for something different.  Devi is Hindi for ‘Goddess’ and, with our designs we honour the beauty and power of the feminine form.

Cutwork is a form of Appliqué that is very labour intensive.  On our belts, bags, Venus skirt and Phyche waistcoat, the design is cut out like a window in the upper fabric with the edges of each individual window shape sewn down onto another fabric beneath.  On the Venus skirt, each cut out design has to be individually hand cut.  On other garments, like the Persephone top, the Phoebe dress and the Leaf leggings, the cutwork design is laid and sewn onto the top of the garment.  All of this cutwork is truly a labour of love and our tailors have done a wonderful job.

Our clothing is a celebration of beauty and elegance that is earthy, practical and comfortable.  Connecting with the inner Goddess and opening to the creative force, we manifest an abundance of unique designs including even the brass buckles and other small details.

Our goods are ethically sourced from small, family run factories.   We spend months in the factories working closely with the tailors, cutting patterns, making samples and sharing skills.  It is a warm, harmonious and friendly atmosphere conducive to exploring ideas, creating and production.  Colours and buckle design details may vary slightly from those in the pictures but all of our goods are checked for quality and approved to our exacting standards.


We put our hearts and souls into what we do; our goods are beautiful, feminine,funky and Fair Trade