Damia wool coat – Black with inlaid cutwork


With this coat we honour Damia, Goddess of Growth in Nature. The Damia coat is exquisite; its fantastic cut and fit creates a wonderful silhouette and it adds a steam punk touch to our clothing collection. It has our own design brass leaf fastenings as a beautiful detail down the front with faux suede cutwork design on the sleeves and rivettes and faux suede cord lacing down the back. Wonderfully tailored in a 70% wool mix it is well lined and complements all of our garments and looks especially good with the ruffles of the Gaia skirt showing beneath its hemline.

Although the sleeve detail picture shows the inlaid cutwork in Plum, we have now standardised on light brown cutwork on the brown coats and grey cutwork on the black. Some cutout colour variations still exist if visible in the checkout options once the main colour and size have been selected.



This fabulous steam punk style wool coat has the most amazing, flattering and feminine cut. It has beautiful, faux suede cutwork detail on the cuffs, corset style lacing down the back and exquisite, handmade brass leaf clasps to fasten it down the front. It is warm, creates a fantastic silhouette and is super stylish. I find in our festival clothing stall that people gasp in excitement when they see this coat. Equally popular with all ages and sizes, city and country folk and fairie / fairy followers. For funky clothing, our Goddess clothing range offers you the opportunity to look fabulously stylish with the confidence and warm feeling of knowing that our products are unique, fair trade and ethically sourced. By purchasing from us you are supporting small, independent, family run businesses and enabling my creativity to flourish and grow.

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