Gaia Skirt


Named to honour our mother earth, this light cotton skirt has a deep ruched basque band that sits on the hips and fastens with loops and lacing on one side. Its fullness is achieved from its 6 flared panels that have drawstrings inside so that it can be ruched up to the desired length with its hemline ending in a fluted cotten voile ruffle. It looks fantastic over leaf leggings with a Lyssa top and either the Dione or psyche waistcoat accessorised with one of our faux suede pocket belts. Another good combination is with Leaf leggings, Persephone top with either the Tie top or the Mor crochet top and a choice of belt accessories. It is always good with our Damia wool coat; its a winner!

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This skirt is a piece of really funky clothing. Essential for anyone who enjoys steam punk or faerie / fairy clothing. it has draw strings inside that allow you to rouche it up to the desired length and shape at the create the look that you want. All of our Goddess Clothing range makes great, everyday party or festival clothing and is fair trade, ethically sourced from small, family businesses.

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